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Laurie and Lisa (ENVIVE founders/partners) each hail from similar stomping grounds in Southern California but met in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2012. They connected over lunch often, chatting and brainstorming ideas to "solve the problems of the world." In 2017, they finally had the chance to work together and their friendship and the world changed forever. They have grown to become great teammates and now business partners. It was from their shared values of equity, truth, transparency, unity, and collaboration that ENVIVE was born in 2020. 

Meet the Team.

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Image by Miguel Urieta
Image by Lesly Juarez


Through humble service ENVIVE fosters inclusive and equitable solutions that are the gold standard - empowering leaders and organizations in bringing their vision and best work forward. Our aim is that organizations, their staff, customers, clients, and communities thrive as a result.


Unified systems that work for everyone. ​


We uphold and deliver on the values of transparency, truth, making a positive difference, integrity, inclusion, equity, and diligence.

Our Guiding Principles.

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