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Goals Into

End-to-end support for initiatives advancing the health and prosperity of communities.

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Lisa K. Jackson & Laurie Kerr

ENVIVE Solutions, LLC


New Mexico Telehealth Alliance

"ENVIVE has been an amazing partner through organizational changes. The response we were able to deliver...was all due to their hard work delivering on strategic planning, project management, website/video editing, [and] cat herding."

New Mexico Pediatric Association

"Extremely professional service delivery. Excellent communication, follow-up, and follow through. Knowledgeable and accessible with a warm and friendly approach to problem solving."

Unity BPO

"Lisa and Laurie engage in a leadership style that is collaborative and inclusive. Thought leadership drives solution opportunities, in order to put ideas into action."
Western Landscape
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Through humble service, ENVIVE fosters inclusive and equitable solutions that empower leaders and organizations to bring their vision and best work forward. Our aim is that organizations, their staff, customers, clients, and communities thrive as a result.


Unified systems that work for everyone. ​


We uphold and deliver on the values of transparency, truth, making a positive difference, integrity, inclusion, equity, and diligence.

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