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/ˈen vˈīv/

To enliven; envision; support thriving in community.

ENVIVE Solutions, LLC is a nationally certified women-owned business located in the enchanted southwest. We serve and empower human services related organizations, including government entities, in bringing their best work forward to care for the communities they love. We foster collaborations that aim to improve the health and prosperity of populations.


ENVIVE Solutions does this by providing quality remote and onsite strategic management, project planning, coaching and consultation, program development, and implementation support services across the United States - with expertise in large-scale collaborations and human-centered initiatives (e.g. behavioral health, human services, etc.). 


We lead and support teams and projects through all phases of strategic management - from conceptualization to successful implementation.

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Image by Patrick Perkins

Got Goals?

Six reasons people hire
Strategic Management Consultants:

  • Have a clear vision but no clear path to get there.

  • Project implementation is floundering.

  • Industry innovations demand a new vision.

  • Increase responsiveness to a changing landscape.

  • The current strategic plan is outdated/ineffective.

  • The organization seeks more team engagement, inclusivity, and improved work culture.

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