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  1. Review description offerings in yellow box. 

  2. Choose a topic, then go to the booking section below.

  3. Click the BOOK NOW button on the topic of choice. 

  4. View availability and schedule.

  5. Complete a brief intake form. 

  6. Your coach will confirm your session by emailing a calendar invitation with a ZOOM link.

If you have questions email

Business Management

Starting a new agency. Launching a new clinical program. Struggling with day-to-day operations. Help with Financial Literacy.

Strategic Planning

Identify organizational goals. Difficulty engaging team toward goals. Planning for growth. Strategic thinking. 

Project Management

Structured implementation tools and planning. Engage team on projects. Track and manage tasks. Team Accountability. 

Leadership Development & Coaching

Communication. Delegation. Organizational structure. Challenges of leadership. Change Management. 

Workplace Culture/Team Dynamics

Toxic workplace. Challenges with recruitment and retention. 

Something Else!

Not sure where to start? Meet with a coach to gain clarity and guidance. 


If you're referred by an MCO or BHSD for specialized support please book using the REFERRAL ONLY option below. 

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