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New Mexico Behavioral Health Workforce Development Initiative (2022-2024)

Made possible by funding from the New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD) ENVIVE offers three programs aimed at strengthening the behavioral health workforce in New Mexico:


Leadership and Business Development Training Series: Virtual and on-demand training covering leadership, business development, organizational development, strategic management, and project management.


Leadership and Business Development 1:1 Support (Technical Assistance): Alongside the training series, behavioral health organizations and leaders can access technical assistance.


Training for Non-Licensed Behavioral Health Professionals: Virtual and on-demand training covering essential skills for roles in Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS) organizations, community health workers, and other certified professionals. Continuing education opportunities for supervisors are also provided. Funded by the New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD) and the New Mexico Department of Health Office of Community Health.

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