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Are you a New Mexico Behavioral Health Professional experiencing a business or leadership challenge?
Free Technical Assistance - Available September 2023 to June 2024. 

Made possible by the New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Division (BHSD). No fee for New Mexico organizations.

Goal of Technical Assistance: 

  • Pinpoint challenges.

  • Assess barriers to success.

  • Provide solution-focused guidance.

How it works: 

  • Confidential, free, one-to-one, Technical Assistance for New Mexico Behavioral Health Organizations and Professionals. 

  • Structured process for tangible problem-solving.

  • Solution-focused approach to address your specific challenges.​


Reach our offices by phone at (505) 412-4206

E-mail: Lisa Jackson at

Technical Assistance to address: 

  • Challenging team dynamics

  • Best practices in business management

  • Difficulty identifying or achieving organizational goals

  • Resiliency/burnout prevention

  • Improving organizational processes

  • Development of leadership skills

  • and more

Who we are:

  • Industry-savvy coaches skilled in leadership development, business management, change management, project management, strategic planning, behavioral health, clinical programs, and more.



Jason Burnett

Organizational Change

Leadership Coaching

Strategic Planning

Workplace Culture

envive-5-23-2023-abq-47446 (1).jpg

Amanda Browne

Leadership Coaching

Clinical Programs

Business Development

Workplace Culture

envive-5-23-2023-abq-47592 (1).jpg

Laurie Kerr

Project Management

Processes and Procedures

Process Efficiency

Leadership Development

envive-5-23-2023-abq-47539 (1).jpg

Lisa K. Jackson

Leadership Development

Clinical Programs

Business Development

Strategic Planning

Workplace Culture



Read First:


  1. Review topic areas below (click READ MORE to view details).

  2. Choose ONE topic area for technical assistance.

  3. Click BOOK NOW to view availability.

    • A calendar page will pop-up.

    • Choose a date and time.

    • Schedule appointment.

    • You will be prompted to complete a brief intake form. 

  4. You will receive a confirmation email. 

  5. Your coach will confirm your session by sending a calendar invitation with the ZOOM link.

If you have questions send email to

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