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Conceptualize. Lead. Implement.

ENVIVE Solutions collaborates closely with organizations to craft and execute impactful health and human services initiatives, from project conceptualization and design to full implementation. Whether working hand-in-hand with your team or providing expert guidance, we strive for a win-win partnership spanning the entire project lifecycle. 


Image by Jason Leung


Comprehensive Implementation

ENVIVE is the leading provider of Comprehensive Implementation Services for the Health and Human Services industry. We specialize in the implementation of strategic objectives, launching new services and programs, and executing complex health and human services projects involving multiple stakeholder groups. 


 Organizational Optimization

Organizational Optimization is a holistic approach to improve an organization's efficiency, effectiveness, and overall well-being. Through leadership development, consulting, and project management strategies, our approach enhances leadership skills, communication, internal operations, and workplace culture. The goal is your organization's long-term sustainability and success.



ENVIVE's training programs,
including one-to-one coaching
and technical assistance, are designed to enhance behavioral health network leadership, business,
and clinical skills. Discover how workforce development services can increase the efficacy and accountability of your behavioral health provider network.

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