Our Customers

Our customers include, but are not limited to: 

  • State Government Agencies

  • Private Practice Healthcare

  • Public Health Agencies

  • Healthcare Organizations / Health Plans

  • Not-for-profit health-related organizations


With over 23 years of combined experience ENVIVE Solutions brings solutions to your organization so your patients can access the right care at the right time.

Program Development

Meeting the high demand of healthcare needs can strain even the most robust team. With expert program development and hands-on support, ENVIVE Solutions helps your organization meet these demands by leading the development of your programs and interventions. 

  • Collaborate with key-stakeholders

  • Engage leaders and staff

  • Design detailed timeline & project plan

Project Management

ENVIVE Solutions takes the next step toward successful 

implementation. Project management provides vital direction and oversight to achieve implementation goals efficiently and effectively.  

  • Manages, oversees, and implements project plan

  • Coordinates stakeholders

  • Leads workforce toward completion of tasks