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Conceptualize. Lead. Implement.

ENVIVE Solutions collaborates closely with organizations to craft and execute impactful health and human services initiatives, from project conceptualization and design to full implementation. Whether working hand-in-hand with your team or providing expert guidance, we strive for a win-win partnership spanning the entire project lifecycle. 




ENVIVE is the premier provider of implementation services, delivering results that turn strategic goals into reality for health initiatives. Our team of experts specialize in project management, program development, and implementation leadership to elevate program effectiveness and advance project and organizational efficiency.

  • Full Service Project Management

  • Project Consulting with Behavioral Health Expertise

  • Program Development

  • Project Leadership

  • Public Health Initiatives

  • Behavioral Health Initiatives

  • Managed Care Experience 

  • Customized Solutions


Organizational and Leadership Development

Our consultants tailor solutions, guide strategic planning, and foster growth in leadership, teams, and organizations. Our mission is to elevate leadership capacity, optimize organizational effectiveness, and pave the way for enduring success.

  • Leadership Training and Development

  • Cultural Assessment and Change

  • Team Building and Collaboration

  • Change Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Communication and Employee Engagement 

  • Customized Consulting Services


Training &
Clinical Education

ENVIVE offers a wide range of training content, spanning leadership development, continuing education for behavioral health professionals, and project management skills, with specialized knowledge in behavioral health and public health. Offerings aim to empower healthcare and human services professionals to excel in their roles and contribute to the success of their organizations.

  • Leadership and Business Acumen

  • Continuing Education for Behavioral Health Professionals

  • Virtual & Live

  • Self-Paced Online

  • Customized Training Programs for Public Health Initiatives and Organizations

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