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Case Study: Statewide Overdose Fatality Review Pilot

ENVIVE Solutions designed and facilitated a multi-agency, Statewide Overdose Fatality Review (OFR) Reentry Pilot. The pilot aimed to uncover system gaps contributing to the substantial number of overdose deaths among adults who, post-prison release, experienced a fatal overdose within three years of their release.


ENVIVE coordinated the participation of more than 32 organizations and individuals, representing public health, public safety, healthcare providers, the department of corrections, law enforcement, social justice advocates, community members, and people with lived addiction experience.


The OFR resulted in policy recommendations for state legislators on the opioid epidemic affecting post-prison release adults and identified opportunities for preventing future overdose deaths.


Key Policy Recommendations

  • Improve interagency collaboration and communication.

  • Create Overdose Fatality Review Legislation to improve access to data sharing.

  • Increase educational resources to soon-to-be-released incarcerated adults.


Project Sponsors: New Mexico Behavioral Health Collaborative, New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Division, and the New Mexico Department of Health.

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