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Case Study: Medicaid Optimization Project

In 2021, New Mexico’s Behavioral Health Services Division (BHSD) implemented a Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Spending Plan, including an investigative pilot to assess needs and develop action plans for small to medium rural behavioral health service providers, including tribal communities.

The pilot revealed multiple systemic barriers including difficulty accessing resources for program development and inability of agencies to project financial costs of developing new clinical programs. Findings from the pilot also revealed the need for leadership coaching.

BHSD collaborated with ENVIVE to provide technical support services to eight behavioral health provider organizations, who engaged in intensive technical assistance through September 2021. Coaching topics included resource identification, community and referral source networking, billing coordination, and refinement of operational procedures.

Lessons learned underscored the effectiveness of leadership coaching and project management support in enhancing organizational effectiveness. ENVIVE suggested BHSD consider more comprehensive guidance to behavioral health providers on evidence-based programs and business acumen to support growth and long-term sustainability.

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