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Case Study: Safeguarding Grant Funding

ENVIVE was critical in safeguarding $5 million in federal grant funding for a newly created State of New Mexico department focused on early childhood education and health.


The department managed grant requirements, including 50+ deliverables across multiple state agencies and community organizations. A lack of internal processes to manage and effectively solicit responses from these stakeholders required an outside approach to address and optimize efficiency. The State agency contracted with ENVIVE to support the team and to design processes to help them meet all critical deadlines.


ENVIVE created a system to track and monitor the grant requirements, while also providing guidance on how to align the deliverables with strategic objectives across multiple departments. We then provided coaching on sustainable grant management solutions for staff and leadership.


These measures:

  • Established a process staff could use to track and manage all grants.

  • Improved the efficacy and accountability of staff.

  • Got the grant deliverables on track.

  • Reduced the risk of loss of funding.

  • Created a legacy process for staff to track and manage future grants.

  • Optimized leadership oversight of the grant management process.


ENVIVE’s support allowed the department to maintain their funding and create a clear path to fulfill the required deliverables.

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