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Case Study: Statewide Behavioral Health Workforce Initiative

To meet the increasing demand for quality behavioral health providers, the New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Division (BHSD) and the New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) Office of Community Health Workers contracted with ENVIVE Solutions to provide customized training programs, one-on-one support and technical assistance to behavioral health providers.

ENVIVE implemented the two-year, multi-pronged initiative by working collaboratively with industry experts and cultural brokers to design and deliver sixty workshops and nine on-demand courses. We provided more than 400 hours of coaching and technical assistance to help behavioral health professionals enhance their leadership, business acumen, and clinical skills.

We also established a referral process for managed care organizations and statewide quality service review teams to refer providers requiring corrective action plans and one-on-one support.

Nearly 1,500 professionals attended these trainings, and 100 organizations participated in the programming, providing thousands of coaching, technical assistance and continuing education hours.

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