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Innovative Project Launches in September to Empower New Mexico Behavioral Health Leaders

Albuquerque, NM - August 30, 2023 – Beginning in September, a new series of leadership workshops and roundtable sessions plus one-to-one leadership and business technical assistance tailored exclusively for New Mexico behavioral health professionals will be available.

Developed by ENVIVE Solutions in partnership with the New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Division of the Human Services Department, the series and technical assistance focus on business acumen and leadership skills to drive growth, resilience, and sustainability within the behavioral health sector.

“ENVIVE Solutions envisions a landscape where behavioral health professionals are empowered with the knowledge and tools needed not only to excel in their roles but also lead their organizations toward lasting success," said Lisa Jackson, CEO and Sr. Clinical Advisor at ENVIVE Solutions.

Based on feedback from last year’s leadership series presented by ENVIVE, this six-part series includes some new twists. ENVIVE has enlisted subject matter experts in leadership, behavioral health business operations, ethics, equity and financial management to lead the two-hour workshops and present at the roundtable sessions.

The roundtable sessions follow each paired workshop six days later and will include a short presentation on a leadership topic presented in the workshop. Additionally, participants are encouraged to bring their real-world challenges to be addressed by an expert panel that offers a wide range of expertise and perspectives. The community in attendance is also encouraged to share their experience.

All workshops and roundtable sessions offer CEUs and are on Zoom. (See flier for times and dates.)

Business and leadership technical assistance appointments and information are accessible via the ENVIVE Solutions website. Technical assistance can address team dynamics, leadership development, organizational process improvement, resiliency, achieving and identifying organizational goals for example. Participants can select among four professionals for their technical assistance appointment who offer a range of business experience.

A bonus to accompany the workshops, roundtable sessions and technical assistance is an online community forum. This forum offers a space for participants to engage in further conversations related to behavioral health leaders and to share information that may benefit the community. This is available through the Thinkific platform, which will require participants to create an account. This platform also houses free online courses for behavioral health professionals.

Through funding provided by the New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Division (BHSD), these workshops, roundtables, technical assistance and the community forum are free to behavioral health professionals based in New Mexico.

For more information:

About ENVIVE Solutions:

ENVIVE Solutions, LLC is a nationally certified women-owned business founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ENVIVE provides remote and onsite strategic management, project management, consultancy, program development, training, and implementation support services - with expertise in large-scale collaborations and human-centered initiatives (e.g., behavioral health, human services, etc.).

About the Behavioral Health Services Division:

Part of the New Mexico Human Services Department, the role of the BHSD, as the Mental Health and Substance Abuse State Authority for New Mexico, is to address need, services, planning, monitoring and continuous quality systematically across the state.

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